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How to have women laughing with you and NOT at you...so you won't come off as a doof.
What you can learn from magicians in telling jokes to women...Ever see a magician without a hot babe? Discover their secrets!
How to become the funniest guy in the group and remain as the center of attention
An easy exercise that will dramatically speed up the process of your personal "humor development"...You can put this in your seduction tool chest today!
Women typically stay in a group, such as in a bar. Here are 2 powerful techniques how you can attract a particular woman in a group without the disturbance from the rest of the group
How to make women laugh uncontrollably by stating simple facts that most people take for granted
A powerful humor technique to make requests which a woman cannot reject. You don't even need to worry about being slapped or feeling bad about it
What type of joke you should definitely tell at first, with no exceptions...One of the main reasons dudes blow it...but it won't happen to you!
How to use your humor to "pander to a woman's vanity" so she feels good about herself as well as being with you...What happens then is in YOUR CONTROL.
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